2005 - At least 10x BBC Radio Channels are available, completely free, in digital at 28.2°East


Dish sizes required are shown in centimetres. Footprints courtesy of Astra SES.

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Analogue Satellite Reception

BBC Radio 1 & 2 were at Transponder 3, RTL German Shopping Channel. This beam, shown on right, was restricted to Northern Central Europe.

 Transponder 3 is at 11.244 GHz and is horizontally polarised. Respective Audio Frequencies were 7.74 & 7.92.


European Footprint Map

Analogue Satellite Reception

BBC Radio 3, 4 & World Service were available within the area, to right, at Transponder 50, CNBC.

Transponder 50 is at 10.729 GHz and is vertically polarised.

Audio details - World Service is 7.38, Radio 3 is 7.56 and Radio 4 is 7.74


European Footprint Map
 At 19.2° East in digital only

BBC World Service Radio

Transponder 112

FREQUENCY       12.610
POLARITY            Vertical 'V'
SYMBOL RATE    22000
FEC                     5/6


NEWDigital Satellite Reception at 28.2 East°
BAD NEWS - BBC move to 'UK' beam

Anyone in certain parts of Europe, as shown in adjacent footprint, can receive all of the BBC radio channels:- BBC Radio 1, 2, 3, 4FM, 4LongWave (Hi there fans of Cricket, Morning Service and Yesterday in Parliament),6, 7, World, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Asian, (etc) 5Live or 5Live extra, using any digital receiver with a dish pointed at 28.2°  East. For ease of tuning the dish must have a Universal LNB. The tuning parameters for BBC radio are:

FREQUENCY       10803
POLARITY            Horizontal 'H'
SYMBOL RATE    22000
FEC                     5/6
AUDIO PID           If required try 23

VPID                                       6451-6469


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BBC Radio 2 & 4 are now available throughout Southern Europe via Astra 2B





For Radio 2   SID/TID etc 6852  2367 E

For Radio 4  SID/TID etc 6854  2368 E



Historical Note: The BBC effectively closed down all Radio services on their original Astra 19.2° Analogue Transponders (23 & 34) at midnight on Wednesday, 28th March, then broadcast a continuous loop message for three days, advising listeners to use the Internet or digital satellite. Yet, at the same time, they had already arranged to shift Radio 3, 4 & World Service to analogue transponder 50, ostensibly for the benefit of Benelux cable operators! Within weeks Radio 1 & 2 had reappeared at transponder 3. The BBC have kept all this secret from you, the loyal listener...

In late May, 2003, the BBC further restricted coverage of Europe by moving all services to transponders on the Astra 2D satellite which gives a more restricted footprint. Can it get any worse? (Note: Due to pressure the BBC have now restored Radio 2 & 4 to Astra 2B South beam)

If you want to know more then you may wish toListen to the letter, originally broadcast at 1330 GMT on 16th March 2003, that the Vinyl Gems Webmaster (Chris Bent) sent to the BBC Radio 4 Feedback programme,  complete with response from Jenny Abramsky, CBE. Then listen to the following weeks letters and subsequent detailed response from the BBC, but still with no hint that the BBC analogue satellite radio services were to be relocated at different transponders. A decision must have already been made when the Radio 4 Feedback audience were being told that analogue satellite transmissions were ceasing forever.